How can Artificial Intelligence have a human perspective of power, Love and Knowledge

Mar 25, 2024By Niall Maher
Niall Maher

Hello. As I embarked on my own psychological maturation journey, I encountered a profound spiritual concept known as the threefold flame. This concept provides us with invaluable insight into the areas where both individual leaders and collectives must strive for balance.

Buckle up! In this blog post I will explore this profound concept, its symbolism and its relevance in spiritual practices and human existence. If you are starting a spiritual journey then take please my suggestions in this blog to heart. Start small, work for the bigger picture, and witness the transformation, both within ourself and in the world around you.

Let's start of with a brief look at the Threefold Flame as a universal symbol that holds deep spiritual significance across various cultures and belief systems. This spiritual philosophy concept encapsulates three elemental virtues — power, wisdom, and love. When in perfect harmony, they create an illuminated centre within each individual. However, attaining and preserving this balance is a challenging endeavour that, when approached with care, can result in profound self-awareness and personal growth.

A world of technologyFor over 3000 years the Threefold Flame represents the divine spark within a human soul in all many of our cultures, traditions and religions today. For centuries our ancestors would sit around in circles staring into their fires in their dwellings, contemplating their own existence and at core of their fire lies the concept of the divine trinity, which is found in many ancient traditions and religions.  

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It consists of three plumes of different colours, reflecting three core divine aspects. The blue plume symbolizes power and represents the Father, the golden plume symbolizes wisdom and represents the Son, and the pink plume symbolizes love and represents the Holy Spirit. This symbolism extends to various faiths and philosophies, illustrating how universal and enduring these virtues are across humanity. Each plume holds its own significance.

The Qualities of the Threefold Flame

The Threefold Flame is composed of three distinct colors, each representing a specific quality:

The Blue Flame: Symbolizes the power and divine will. It represents strength, courage, and the ability to take action.

The Gold Flame: Represents wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. It embodies the ability to discern truth and make wise decisions.

The Pink Flame: Signifies love, compassion, and the nurturing aspect of the divine. It represents the unconditional love that connects all beings.

Alone, they are mighty, but combined they create an unparalleled capacity for good, both within one's personal life and in their community interactions. It represents the three aspects of the divine consciousness - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, or Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, among others. The Threefold Flame is a visual representation of the harmonious balance between these three aspects.

Together, these three flames create a harmonious balance within the individual, fostering growth, spiritual development, and a deeper connection with the divine. It would seem impossible for an artificial existence to be able to create this harmony without being in the world as a human soul.

Balancing the Threefold Flame

Attaining a balance of the Threefold Flame entails embarking on a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery. Most AI systems are rule based or expert based systems. They cannot master anything as they cannot know what true mastery is in the first place,

Mastery involves unlocking and balancing innate capacities that may not be fully activated. By gaining insights into our personal dynamics that are playing out on each plane, we can consciously develop and expand these capacities. Mastery is therefore deeply personal and cannot be thought or learned instead it must be created through a dedicated to balancing the devine trinity and inward journey within one's self, 

If you are interested in learning more about Mastery and how it is achieved I highly recommend watching the documentary Being in the World. This is a 2010 documentary film directed by Tao Ruspoli. The film is based on Martin Heidegger's philosophy and is inspired by Hubert Dreyfus. It is a celebration of human beings and our ability, through the mastery of physical, intellectual and creative skills, to find meaning in the world around us.  Here is a link to it on YouTube ->

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Here are also some strategies to embrace the threefold flame:

Inquiry: Take a moment to reflect on the threefold flame and honestly assess these divine virtues. Where do you notice an imbalance? Are there specific situations that throw you off balance?
Compassionate Decision Making: Consider how your decisions affect others. Incorporate the perspectives of those impacted and use your power to create a positive outcome for all.

Learning and Unlearning: Always strive for new knowledge while remaining open to unlearning. Transform knowledge into wisdom and never quench the thirst for it. Embrace humility, acknowledging that our current wisdom may have flaws.

Cultivating Empathy: Empathising with others is not always easy, but it is vital. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes, listen with an open heart, and seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

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However, modern society and artificial intelligence often emphasizes one of these virtues at the expense of the others, leading to a significant imbalance that hinders growth and predicaments us to misuse our imbalances in its strengths. 

Manifestations of Imbalance

When the Threefold Flame is imbalanced, it frequently leads to counterproductive or even destructive behavioural patterns, affecting not only oneself but also the greater good. By harmonizing this flame, we can align our actions with positive intentions, fostering personal growth and contributing to the well-being of all. In todays society of instant gratification, constant communication and meaningless online social interactions, this can be very challenging. The need to find balance has also become commercialised and the rise of mental health issues is increasingly evident in our homes and communities. This has led to imbalances that can be described as follows:

Power without Wisdom and Love

Power is a terrible thing in the hands of any person or system not governed by Love and Knowledge (Wisdom). When power is not balanced with wisdom and love, individuals may become overly assertive or controlling, often pursuing their goals with great determination but little consideration for the broader implications of their actions. They have the drive and ambition, yet they may not possess the wisdom to use their power sustainably, risking burnout, or the love necessary to prevent causing harm to others.

Wisdom without Love and Power

Those who possess wisdom, but lack love and power, might find themselves in a state of paralysis. They might have a profound intellectual understanding, but without the love that elevates understanding to the level of wisdom and the power to take action, their knowledge remains theoretical. They might struggle to turn their insights into meaningful action, leaving them stuck in an endless cycle of contemplation without results.

Love without Power and Wisdom

People who exhibit an abundance of love without power and wisdom can become overly dependent or even enable harmful behaviours in others. They might express their love freely, but they also might do so unwisely or find themselves in codependent relationships due to a lack of power to set boundaries. Their inability to say “no” can cause them to lose their sense of self in the process of trying to please others.

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Recognizing these imbalances is the first step towards realignment and a more balanced, effective leadership style.

Collective Imbalance

In a collective setting, such as an corporation, organization or community, these imbalances can magnify, leading to systemic problems. A power-dominated group might be efficient and goal-driven but can create a culture of fear or competition. A wisdom-oriented collective can be contemplative and insightful, yet paralysed and slow to act. A community centred around love can be nurturing and supportive, but it may also lack boundaries and be stuck in false harmony where everything is acceptable. Recognising and addressing these collective imbalances is key to creating a healthier, more effective, and balanced organizational culture. The cornern with relying on Artificial Intelligent systems to create balance between these dynamics is that is may not be able to see or understand the human condition or perspectives. Instead it might decide to apply logic and rational reasoning to create a synthetic balance.

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The Threefold Flame in Spiritual Practices

The Threefold Flame is often used in various spiritual practices and rituals to invoke the qualities it represents. By meditating on this symbol or visualizing it within oneself, individuals can tap into the divine trinity and activate these qualities within their own lives. Many spiritual traditions believe that by balancing and expanding the Threefold Flame within, individuals can achieve a higher level of consciousness and spiritual evolution. It is seen as a pathway to self-realization and a deeper connection with the divine and true mastery. 

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Embracing the Threefold Flame in Daily Life

Integrating the symbolism of the Threefold Flame into our daily lives can bring profound transformation and spiritual growth. By consciously embodying the qualities of love, wisdom, and power, we can navigate life's challenges with grace and compassion.

Here are a few ways to embrace the Threefold Flame in your daily life:

  • Cultivate Love: Practice acts of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness towards yourself and others. Love is the most misunderstood of the Threefold Flame. In this context, love encompasses empathy, compassion, and the ability to relate genuinely to others. Leaders who lead with love are often seen as weak, yet it is the softest force that can move mountains. Love connects us, it empowers others, and it allows us to truly understand those we lead.
  • Seek Wisdom: Continuously seek knowledge, expand your understanding, and make wise choices that align with your highest good.  Wisdom is often compared to knowledge. It is the application and discernment of what we know. Without wisdom, leaders may make rash decisions without considering long-term consequences. Wisdom allows us to see the broader picture, to understand and accept, and to guide others with clarity and vision.
  • Embrace Power: Harness your inner strength and take action towards your goals and dreams. Trust in your abilities and embrace your personal power. Power, when harnessed positively, is the backbone of leadership. It is the catalyst that propels us to make decisions, to influence the course of events. Yet, an over-reliance on power can lead to a lack of empathy, creating a disconnect between a leader and their followers. By embodying these qualities, you can ignite the Threefold Flame within yourself and radiate its transformative energy out into the world.

In Conclusion

If Artificial Intelligence is to truly be in this world and balance and navigate its own existence it must first learn to navigate and master the challenges of being a human in the world today. Not an easy task!

I struggle to see how it can achieve this level of balance and mastery without a mind, body or soul. How can AI make the best decisions for our every individual, organisation or society's if it does not know what it is to be a human? Humans
must first be born into this world and connect with it and learn from it. The Threefold Flame gives humans a framework for their existence and a moral compass to navigate with. 
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For centuries people have searched for the divine trinity within each individual, encompassing the qualities of love, wisdom, and power. By embracing this sacred symbol and integrating its symbolism into our daily lives, we can awaken our true potential and deepen our connection with the divine. I fail to see how Artificial Intelligence can make this connection but perhaps that is not its purpose.  
Remember, the Threefold Flame is not just a mystical concept; it's a practical framework that can guide us in our daily interactions and decision-making. As leaders and individuals aspiring for greater personal development, we must understand the importance of cultivating power, wisdom, and love in equal measure. Striving to balance these three virtues can greatly enhance our capacity to lead with integrity,
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So, perhaps AI is just another tool to help us inspire through knowledge, and connect with authenticity. In a world that often rewards strength over sensitivity, the flame of love, the light of wisdom, and the strength of power offer a roadmap for balanced leadership, and ultimately, a more harmonious existence for all.  
Artificial intelligence therefore can not become or replace the power of Human soul it is simply another tool for us to use in our journey through life. By Embracing the concept and symbolic aspects of the Threefold Flame, and let it illuminate your path to a more fulfilling, empowered, and loving way of life. This is the power of Being in the World. This is the knowledge of "I Am". This is what it means to love.
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I Am.